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Inside Stories of U.S. Manufacturers
Jeffrey Liker

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What is Lean?Pure and simple, lean is reducing the time from customer order to manufacturing and delivering products by eliminating nonvalue added waste in the production stream. The ideal of a lean system is a one-piece flow. A lean manufacturer is continuously improving in the direction of that ideal.

Most other books on lean management focus on technical methods and offer a picture of what the end state of a lean system should look like. Some provide snapshots of before and after. This is the first book to provide technical descriptions of successful solutions and performance improvements. It's also the first book to go beyond snapshots to include powerful first-hand accounts of the complete process of change, its impact on the entire organization, and the rewards and benefits of becoming lean.

At the heart of Becoming Lean (and throughout this catalog) you will find the stories of American manufacturers who have successfully implemented lean methods. The authors offer personalized accounts of their organization's lean transformation, including struggles and successes, frustrations and surprises. Now you have a unique opportunity to go inside their implementation process to see what worked, what didn't, and why. Many of these executives and managers who led the charge to lean in their organizations tell their stories here for the first time.

Inside... Performance records, including real numbers to back up the power of going lean•  Lessons learned on the process of change, both logistics and people issues•  A realistic view of what it takes to get lean

About the Editor:Jeffrey Liker is associate professor of industrial and operations engineering at The Univeristy of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He has been studying Japanese design and manufacturing methods since 1982. In 1991 he co-founded the Japan Technology Management Program at University of Michigan. Dr. Liker has received three Shingo Prizes for Excellence in Manufacturing Research: 1995, 1996, and 1997. Professor Liker has actively consulted on innovative manufacturing methods for companies such a Whirlpool, Chrysler, Ford, LTV Steel, Renault, Peugeot, Mack Truck, Solar Turbine, and the Industrial Technology Institute.

517 pages, illustrated, 1997

ISBN No/Item Code: 9781563271731

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