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Creating Enterprise Excellence Through the Technologies of the Visual Workplace
Gwendolyn D. Galsworth

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At last, a book that explains workplace visuality as a comprehensive strategy for eliminating abnormalities, sustaining lean gains, and unifying and aligning the work culture.

Dr. Galsworth's new full-color book, Visual Workplace-Visual Thinking, positions the technologies of the visual workplace where they belong-as a powerful partner to your company's journey to excellence and crucial to your ability to hold onto and grow lean gains. Learn about the crucial link between visual and lean (two wings of a bird)

After a discussion of excellence and the visual enterprise, and visual basics, Dr. Galsworth demonstrates the link between an effective implementation of workplace visuality and creating a spirited, unified and aligned work culture. The emphasis is on creating a workforce of visual thinkers.

Then Dr. Galsworth delineates the progression of visual methods and outcomes that comprehensively creates a fully-functioning visual work environment: visual order, visual standards, visual displays, visual metrics, visual problem solving, visual controls, visual pull systems, and visual guarantees (poka-yoke devices).

With 25 photo albums and over 200 full-color photographs and 50 charts, this book explains what it means to transform an ordinary work environment into one that speaks, visually-with timely, complete, and precise information that enables the workforce to do ordinary things extraordinarily well. Visual Workplace-Visual Thinking is Dr. Galsworth's acclaimed seminar in book form-and much, much more.

254 Pages, 2005

ISBN No/Item Code: 9781932516012

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