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Standard Work for the Shopfloor introduces production teams and managers to basic standard work concepts and applications. Use this book to get everyone on board to maintain quality, efficiency, safety and predictability. This book will enable plant managers to explain and thereby get the support they need from higher management for their performance improvement efforts.

Standard work is an agreed upon set of work procedures that effectively combines people, materials, and machines to maintain quality, efficiency, safety, and predictability. Work is described precisely in terms of cycle time, work in process, sequence, takt time, layout, and the inventory needed to conduct the activity. Standard work begins as an improvement baseline and evolves into a reliable method. It establishes the best activities and sequence steps to maximize performance and minimize waste.

In this book you will learn about: - The characteristics of standards - Key benefits and applications of standardisation - Standard work concepts and calculations - Standard work steps and documentation - Using standard work manuals, charts, and worksheets - Cell staffing (line balancing and full work)

94 pages, 2002

ISBN No/Item Code: 9781563272738

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