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The sequel to THE GOAL
Eliyahu M. Goldratt

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In this book, Dr. Goldratt, through examples in a variety of industries, shows how to apply TOC to sales and marketing, inventory control, and production distribution. In addition, techniques in conflict resolution are introduced on both a business and personal level.

"The revolution begun by The Goal continues with Goldratt's new thriller, It's Not Luck."

-Success Magazine

Alex Rogo has had a great year. He was promoted to Executive vice-president of UniCo with the responsibility for three recently acquired companies. His team of former and new associates is in place and the future looks secure and exciting. But there has been a shift of policy at the board level. Cash is needed and Alex's companies are to be put on the auction block. Alex faces a cruel dilemma. If he successfully completes the turnaround of his companies they can be sold for maximum return. If he fails, the companies will be closed down. Either way, Alex and his team will be out of work. It looks like a lose-lose situation. And as if he doesn't have enough to deal with, his two children have become teenagers!

283 pages, 1994

ISBN No/Item Code: 9780884271154

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