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Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Created by the Productivity Development Team

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The goal of Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is to increase equipment effectiveness so each piece of equipment can be operated to its full potential and maintained at that level. But to maximize equipment effectiveness, you need a measurement tool that can help you understand your equipment problems so you can take steps to eliminate them. The key to this understanding is Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

OEE is a crucial measure in TPM that tells you how well your equipment is running. It links three elements in one percentage: The time the machine is actually running, the quantity of products the machine is turning out, and the quantity of good output. OEE for Operators makes basic OEE concepts accessible to shopfloor workers - the employees who have the most to gain from tracking and improving the effectiveness of the operating equipment.

This Book:- Provides a basic overview for everyone involved in implementing TPM on the shop floor.

- Explains the importance of OEE and how it relates to the value-adding frontline work for the factory.

- Covers OEE concepts such as availability, performance, quality, and the six big losses.

- Introduces tactics for reducing equipment-related losses to raise OEE-autonomous maintenance, focused improvement, quick changeover ZQC, and P-M analysis.

- Describes the steps of collecting and processing OEE data and reporting the results.

It is the comprehensive education of all employees that ensures participation and success when reducing equipment-related losses. OEE for Operators is written for a broad audience, using simple, clear language. Special learning features include chapter overviews, summaries, discussion questions, examples, and other instructional aids.

82 Pages, cartoons, diagrams, graphs, tables, 1999

ISBN No/Item Code: 9781563272219

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