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Takashi Harada and Norman Bodek

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A step-by-step process for setting and achieving personal and corporate goals - A guide to a highly successful life - Winning at sports brought to the workplace - The world's best process to develop people to their fullest capability - Helping leaders to be effective coaches.

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ISBN No/Item Code: 978-0971243606

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Today's Improvement Methodologies for Increasing Office Productivity
By Vlado Baban, Joe Buys and Don Tapping

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iLean's content will provide actual case studies, application examples, and working macros that have proven successful in improving information flow in all types of environments. iLean was arranged in a format that should provide you with enough detailed guidance (step-by-step instructions) to apply a similar-type Lean practice to your work process. Starting with Chapter 3, each chapter begins with a section titled Is this you? which was specifically designed to assist you in determining if that chapter has immediate relevancy to your current work challenges. Subsequently, it is suggested that a formal standard improvement methodology, Six Sigma's Design-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (D-M-A-I-C), Edward Deming's Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) or some other similar methodology be used if a formal structure is required and/or more statistical analysis needs is required. However, many of the concepts and tools presented throughout this book can be implemented by an individual worker and, therefore, will not require a formal process (other than good project management skills). Microsoft s Office suite of products of Word, Excel, and Outlook, as well as Open Source applications of vTiger, Google Docs, and Huddle, are referenced throughout this book to provide an overall understanding of how Lean can be used to move information faster and more accurately than ever before. In doing so, you will be able to reduce inter-office dependencies, delays, and errors that may be present in your current business processes.

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ISBN No/Item Code: 9781450738170

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The Supply Chain in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transportation
Edited by Kenneth D. Lawrence, Ronald K. Klimberg & Virginia M. Miori

Reporting on cutting-edge research in production, distribution, and transportation, The Supply Chain in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Transportation: Modeling, Optimization, and Applications provides the understanding needed to tackle key problems within the supply chain. Viewing the supply chain as an integrated process with regard to tactical and operational planning, it details models to help you address the wide range of organizational issues that can adversely affect your supply chain. This compilation of scholarly research work from academia and industry considers high-level production schedules, product sourcing, network alignment, distribution center layouts, transportation operations with stochastic demand, inventory planning, and day-to-day operations planning. The book is divided into three sections: Industrial and Service Applications of the Supply Chain Analytic Probabilistic Models in Supply Chain Problems Optimization Models of Supply Chain Problems Because tactical and operational models rely on quality forecasts of demand, the text examines stochastic customer demand, coordination of supply chain functions, and solution algorithms. It reviews real-world business applications and case studies that illustrate the modeling solutions discussed.

ISBN No/Item Code: 9781420079456

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Operational Risk Modelling and Management
By Claudio Franzetti

In banking regulation, tools are needed to quantify risk and calculate the amount of capital reserve required to mitigate such risk. This book offers a complete model for the quantification of so-called operational risks. It offers a detailed discussion on the link between modeling approaches and management, which has been neglected in the literature, as well as the mathematical modeling of the loss distribution approach. With an emphasis on risk management and management fundamentals, the text presents a complete simulation model along with tested examples that can be replicated using R software. The author provides a broad view on managing risk using this mathematical model.

ISBN No/Item Code: 9781439844762

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Knowledge Management and Information Systems: Strategies for Growing Organizations
By Robert Mellor

Knowledge Management and Information Systems Strategy for Growing Organizations examines the role that information systems play in helping SMEs use knowledge to achieve strategic organizational goals. Adopting a business perspective, it is ideal for students studying strategic information systems and knowledge management.

ISBN No/Item Code: 9780230280434

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Compliance in Today's Global Supply Chain
By Thomas A. Cook

Managing director of ARI and Department of Commerce appointee to the New York District Export Council, Thomas Cook is one of the most accomplished experts on international trade. In this comprehensive yet accessible resource, he provides a step-by-step blueprint for executing a corporate global trade program that is both compliant and cost-effective. The text identifies both traditional concerns and emerging complications, and then puts forward strategies to address them. In providing cost-effective solutions for building and securing a global supply chain, Cook emphasizes continuing education that will sensitize all levels of an enterprise to the importance of abiding by changing regulations.

ISBN No/Item Code: 9781420086218

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